Terms and Conditions of Service

https://www.giversnetwork.org is pleased to welcome you to our services for various transactions through electronic system of the DigitaLife Corporation Limited This https://www.giversnetwork.org website is controlled and executed by the office of the DigitaLife Corporation Limited in Kingdom of Thailand only. If you access this website from outside the Kingdom, you agree to be subject to Thai laws. You should thoroughly read and familiarize yourself with agreements and conditions of services and transactions made through the website https://www.giversnetwork.org before making any transaction. Please do not make use of the services or make any transaction through this website if you do not accept the following agreements and conditions.

Agreements and conditions for services and transactions through https://www.giversnetwork.org website

  1. You acknowledge and accept legal bindings and provisions specified in these agreements and conditions for services and transactions and accept that any action taken through services and transactions in this website, in any case whatsoever, if taken by using your User ID and/or Password, such action shall be deemed completed and binding upon you without having to sign any document as evidence thereof, and you agree to be responsible for such action as if you take it yourself, except for services prescribed otherwise by the Company.
  2. The User ID and Password provided to you are deemed your personal secret to be kept confidential for making use of services. You should not disclose them to any third party or write them in an open.
  3. You accept that any action taken, service used or transaction made through the https://www.giversnetwork.org is for the purpose of your making use of the services of [-Kind of services provided by website-] and other services provided by https://www.giversnetwork.org. If you is in breach hereof or cause damages to the DigitaLife Corporation Limited or a third party, you must be liable to both civil and criminal offenses.
  4. You agree not to use this website for other commercial purposes and/or taking any action contrary to laws and/or good morals of the public through this website, and not to send or disseminate virus program or any other program designed to obstruct, destroy or damage computer programs, telecommunication equipments and/or other equipments. If you use impolite statement or cause damages to a third party in posting notice or question-answer, uploading, making announcement, sending e-mail or take any other action, the Company reserves the right to take legal action against you or give you information to the person aggrieved, if requested, to support legal action.
  5. You understand and acknowledge that the personal information given in applying for the use of services provided in the https://www.giversnetwork.org will be sent through the Internet which is a public network. The Company will exercise care in determining measures to prevent third parties from accessing such personal information. However, the Company will not be responsible for damages from your information’s being seen or used by third parties.
  6. You certify that all details given by you in applying for use of the https://www.giversnetwork.org are your own information and are correct and truthful.
  7. Any document, letter, information or data sent by the Company to you at such address or e-mail address given by you shall be deemed acknowledged by you thereof.
  8. You accept that any record, evidence or document prepared and/or recorded by the Company in the data storage system related to your making use of services through the https://www.giversnetwork.org is correct and can be used as evidence.
  9. You agree to the Company’s using data related to your making use of https://www.giversnetwork.org services for improvement of service provision or for transmission or dissemination of information on privileges related to goods, services, sale promotion and offers.
  10. The Company is the owner of copyright and/or holder of rights in logos, signs, symbols, photos, trademarks, service marks and other components on every page of this website. No one is allowed to reproduce, modify, store in retrievable system, transfer, copy, disseminate or otherwise use those components for commercial purposes without the Company’s prior written consent, except where otherwise prescribed by the Company.
  11. All statements and information displayed in https://www.giversnetwork.org are prepared from reliable sources but the Company cannot certify that they are correct, complete, up-to-date and free from virus for their use for commercial or other purposes. Information and components contained in https://www.giversnetwork.org may be subject to change, adjustment or revocation at any time without notice, and all data, information and statements contained in https://www.giversnetwork.org are not those obtained from specialists and may not be used to confirm or refer to as any fact. You should use your judgment to consider all statements, data and components contained in https://www.giversnetwork.org. The Company is not responsible for errors, delays, lack of continuity of equipment linkage or any negligence or omission in data and components in the website.
  12. Services provided in the https://www.giversnetwork.org may require linkages to other websites under provision and management by third parties. The Company does not certify or verify that contents, statements, data or components from those websites are correct, complete, up-to-date and free from virus and it shall not be deemed that the Company certifies or recommends the statements, data or components of those websites. The Company provides services of linking with those websites for the purpose of facilitating your information download. Your visits to those websites shall be at your sole risks and the Company is not responsible or liable for losses or damages from your visits to, or downloading information from, those websites.
  13. You acknowledge and accept that the https://www.giversnetwork.org, the Board of Directors and employees of the Company need not be responsible for any damage from your making use of services of https://www.giversnetwork.org, which is not limited to damages, losses and expenses incurred, directly or indirectly, specifically, accidentally or consequently, or any damage from being unable to make use of https://www.giversnetwork.org services, or any damage from failure, error, omission, interruption, defects, incompleteness and computer virus.
  14. The Company reserves the right to cancel these services or amend, change, add or omit conditions and agreements of https://www.giversnetwork.org services including to provide services on other aspects or to collect service fee (if any) without advance notice to you and it shall be deemed that you have already accepted such changes.

Conditions for provision of information

In addition to conditions and agreements for making use of https://www.giversnetwork.org services of the DigitaLife Corporation Limited, the obligations of which as specified in the above-mentioned conditions and agreements for making use of services through the https://www.giversnetwork.org website, in making use of services for searching for information from https://www.giversnetwork.org, you also accept the following conditions and agreements.

  1. Any content, data, statement, illustration in the https://www.giversnetwork.org shall not be deemed an offer for sale of any type of properties of the Company, and not an invitation to bid for any property of the Company. The https://www.giversnetwork.org is deemed merely a provision of tentative information to parties interested to take note of information.
  2. The provided information thereof through https://www.giversnetwork.org is an offer information. The Company does not guarantee correctness or completeness of information or any other document.
  3. In expressing an intention to making any transaction through the Internet or channel of services in https://www.giversnetwork.org, the Company does not guarantee that e-mails sent from the network or this website will always reach the service user, nor the privacy and/or security of such e-mails during transmission through the Internet.
  4. The Company reserves the right to amend, alter or cancel any condition prescribed in the offers for any information, including the right to cancel the offer for any information or either or several items of any information at any time without notice to the service user, and needs not obtain prior consent from the service user.