The Forestias by MQDC’s “Forest for Life” recruits 120 families in Ban Amphur

29 May 2020, Chonburi – The Forestias by MQDC has continued its “Forest for Life” project, to relieve hardship in the COVID-19 crisis and expand green spaces, by engaging with 120 families in Ban Amphur, the second community to participate in the initiative.

The project to grow 1.2 million plants over 3 months got underway last week with 26 families at Thung Heang Temple at Phanat Nikhom in Chonburi.

“The COVID-19 outbreak has had a wide impact on people with low incomes, bringing unemployment and many other economic problems,” said Mr. Kittiphun Ouiyamaphun, Senior Vice President of The Forestias by MQDC.

“The Forestias by MQDC, a real estate project to create a city in the forest, committed to highlighting the value of expanding green space, saw a chance to help and reduce hardship, using forests as the main source of assistance.

Ban Amphur community received 144,000 tree seedlings at a presentation ceremony. The 120 families who grow the plants will each receive 5,000 baht monthly for a total of 15,000 baht.

Plants will be given to government agencies such as the Na Jomtien municipality for building green areas or helping reforest at the royal Siri Charoenwat project. Saplings will also be distributed to the general public or given back to the communities that grew them to help boost green space.

Mr. Anusorn Sainapa, a leader of Baan Amphur community, thanked all the agencies involved in the project. The Royal Forest Department will give training on growing the seedlings and the municipality will provide water. 

The community expects the project to enhance its future by helping increase green areas and contributing to mangrove planting and building conservation resources. Taking part in the initiative can also raise environmental awareness and help the community develop its long-term income.

The Forestias by MQDC has allocated THB25 million for this project. Assistance for 1,000 families will total THB15 million. Buying plants from seedling centers will cost THB10 million.

In addition to the current two communities, the project is set to expand to other areas in Bangkok and its surroundings by coordinating with Buddharaksa Foundation and The Givers Network. The initiative is working with the Community Organizations Development Institute (CODI) to find communities and homeless groups to participate too.


The Givers Network is a social initiative founded in 2018 under the principle "Together We Can Give Better" with 3 core elements: seeing more (better awareness of needs), learning well (improved solutions), giving better (achieve greater results).

Communities interested in taking part can request information at Facebook: MQDC - The Forestias

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