Recycled Costume Competition by Trashion is the New Fashion

WHO IS TRASHION? Trashion is a cause event aimed to raise awareness of plastic pollution in Thailand through fashion performance, arts, exhibition and competition hosted by Communication Strategy & Ideation students of Bangkok University International with Sang Foundation on November 30, 2019, The recycled costume competition is the sub-event of Trashion that combines creativity and fashion in raising the awareness. WHO CAN JOIN THE COMPETITION? Everyone with his/her recycled costume(s). WHAT ARE THE RULES? 1. The costume is made out of plastic waste 2. The costume should not include micro pieces of plastic waste (e.g., glitter) 3. The costume must be performed on a catwalk by yourself or your model HOW TO REGISTER? (Please refer to the QR Code in the poster or t or 0973242037 (Kim)) HOW MUCH IS THE REGISTRATION FEE? 200 Baht per costume. WHEN IS THE SUBMISSION? 28 November 2019 WHAT IS THE PRIZE? You have the opportunity to win the prize of 10,000 Baht cash and perform in the event and exempted from the event ticket purchase. HOW ARE THE JUDGMENT PROCESSES? 1. You need to be present throughout the competition to be eligible for an award 2. The judge will be celebrities/influencers that are eligible in the field 3. Judgment are based on creativity, material use and story of the costume Addition: 1. The participants will agree to let the competition team use the costumes for promotional purposes in social media 2. Competition participants will not need to purchase the main event tickets.

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