No.40, EEC Academy Building, Soi Ramintra 97, Ramintra Rd., Kannayao Subdistrict, Kannayao District, Bangkok. 10230 ‎

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About EEC

Our vision
     Realizing world fast revolution through globalization and digital infrastructure, the company is open for changes and welcoming challenges. We believe in Value creation and have been invested on wisdom and team building. EEC academy is our key driver for capacity building, training, networking, education and research. Young generation is provided with opportunity to express their talents. We are also heavily investing on computer servers and redundancy system, including soft wares and BIM.

     Co-operation and networking is our business strategy, expressing in the company name EEC Engineering Network providing services local and overseas. EEC academy building is functioning 24/7 ready for active worldwide communication.

     Though we are proud on our long > 40 years of experiences, we are aware that we should foresee as multiple perspectives and always exploring advanced and practical future technologies. Building construction is no longer based on 4 basic elements but evolved with aether, the 5th element.
     “Thai engineering to international platform”
     Engineering is not for serving human comfort but promoting the quality of life, this is what EEC realized and promised.

   EEC Core Value

         1. Networking
         2. Solution provider
         3. Diversified Unity

         1. Learning
         2. Training
         3. Professional

     Company’s Culture
         1. Morality, Ethic, Integrity and Transrency
         2. Social responsibility
         3. Family
   We are EEC
    We are learning organization.
     Knowledge based company has been our principle for decades. We have a strong policy in staff’s development such as monthly division training, and annual project sharing highlighting any project obstructions. Ensuring continuous training, EEC Academy was established with full support developing team. Improvement scoring is evaluated yearly and even affects bonus. We are also a part of publishing company – “ME”, an engineering magazine. Monthly engineering articles are released in EEC Academy website updating fresh engineering knowledge.