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Blue Carbon Society
695 Sukhumvit 50, Prakanong
Klongtoey, Bangkok 10260 Thailand

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About Blue Carbon Society

Blue Carbon Society Is an organization founded by Khun Thipphaporn and Dr. Chavalawat Ariyararom who hopes to create a space for everyone to participate in protecting And conserve the blue carbon ecosystem Which is an important element to help prevent climate change in the world

Blue Carbon Society's partners will conserve And restoring natural habitats of plants And animals Both mangrove areas Saltwater swamp forest And seagrass sources In order to create space for supporting carbon dioxide storage

And when these residential areas were restored to perfection It will become a protective barrier for nature. It is the foundation of sustainable development of the marine environment. And along the coast


Our organization hopes to inspire the world to see the importance of restoring the marine environment. And along the coast To fight against climate change in the world

  1. Blue Content - Increase the potential of marine ecosystems And the coast that will help absorb carbon dioxide
  2. Blue Diversity - Protect and conserve biodiversity of marine and coastal ecosystems.
  3. Blue activity - develop activities that will help human society And the natural ecology is balanced together
  4. Blue Research - a learning center for conservation of marine and coastal ecosystems
  5. Blue Partnership - Create a sustainable partner network In order to do the activities of Blue Carbon
  6. Blue People - Develop personnel to help support marine and coastal biodiversity as well as ecosystems.