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Research & Development to help Optimise
Wellbeing, Productivity & Biosustainability

We are entering a new era of technological development where high sustainability companies can significantly outperform low sustainability rivals.

Value creation: Companies proactively addressing health, productivity and sustainability issues within their work and in product design can deliver considerably better long-term financial returns on equity and returns on assets than those failing to take such matters into account. 

It is important to question assumptions and general practices if you wish to be truly innovative and create next-practice platforms.

Creating opportunities: Fresh perspectives and innovative insights, such as those we can provide on research, policy and design matters, can reveal unrecognised potentials and shortfalls within projects and help you and your clients develop, specify and create safer, healthier, more productive environments and technologies.

Our interdisciplinary approach, which often involves the integration of innovation with best practice and cutting-edge science, can reveal new opportunities and allow problems to be 'designed out' (ideally) before they arise. It can significantly reduce risk and lead to 'Win/Win' situations.

Obtaining this fuller picture can reveal vital missing information and help overcome wishful thinking or complacency, thereby making a substantial difference to the levels of success and failure achieved in any venture.

Many companies are becoming more proactive about environmental and sustainability issues. Those in the vanguard of this movement will naturally be better placed to spot new business opportunities as they arise.

Top organisations often now consider environmental and sustainability strategies as “must haves” to ensure their long-term success, and seek continuous improvement in these areas.

Understanding client needs: It is known that when you discover what your clients want and provide them that, you are pleasing them.  If you discover what is good for their needs and provide that, you are performing a service. We seek to provide the latter.

Biosustainability makes strong business sense and opens up many new areas for development. It benefits any organisation wishing to retain its competitiveness in the global business environment.

Over 40% of the world’s largest companies now draw on sustainability to guide their corporate strategies. This number is growing.

To optimise service to our clients we limit the number of commissions we undertake.