Krisana Kraisintu Foundation Scholarship

Krisana Kraisintu Foundation Scholarship

Proposed Solution


Key LEARNing

The Social Challenge

Education for children and youth in the southern provinces of Thailand has long been affected by complex socio-politics in the region.  According to the 2017 Thailand Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MICS), the percentage of children of secondary school age currently attending secondary school or higher is 67.7, 76.0, and 85.5 for Narathiwat, Pattani, and Yala respectively.

The Solution

Krisna Kraisintu Foundation understands that household economic factor plays an important role in limiting access to further education of the children living in these provinces.  Providing financial assistance such as scholarship can open up an opportunity for those with restricted access to education.  The first batch of scholarship is thus provided to 78 secondary school students from Suan Phraya Wittaya School, Bukit Prachauppatum School, Baanmanungkayee School in Narathiwat, Songsermsart School in Pattani, and Baanyao School in Yala.