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Phenom Penh
 SDG4 Quality Education

ASK item: IT Consultant

Date: 20 September 2019

ASKER: Advanced Center for Empowerment

Purpose: To support and manage our computer labs to give computer skills and access to underprivileged children

Beneficiary: Underprivileged children from slum communities

Details: We need assistance in setting up computer labs for our 3 different school locations in Phenom Penh. We are looking for an IT person to come to each school once a week to maintain our equipment, set up new computer donations, manage software, and assist teachers and students with computer related skills.

Organization: Advanced Center for Empowerment

Advanced Center for Empowerment 
Mr. Chean Toing (JC) AIN, Managing Director
Tel: (+855)89 25 80 80 /0236768337
Email: [email protected]


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