Circular Living Symposium 2019

Host by PTT Global Chemical
Circular Living Symposium 2019

GC joins National Geographic and prepares "Circular Living Symposium 2019"

Raise global warming issues "Upcycling our Planet"

Revolutionize the use of resources in a cost-effective manner. Find new ideas that create business opportunities and network at the Circular Living Symposium of the Year, June 28, 2019. This includes more than 40 thinkers, pioneers, leaders and startups in the global "Circular Economy", such as

  • Ellen MacArthur Foundation, UK Charity organization, leading the concept of revolving economy, the prototype of the world
  • Arthur Huang, the owner of the individual phrase "Garbage is something that is sexy and seductive: Trash is sexy," the pioneer of building materials solutions. Upcycle from waste. Guaranteed success with many achievements
  • Irene Dezuze, from the Irene Diez Ruiz, Ecoalf Foundation, who runs the project "Upcycling The Oceans", which brings garbage from the sea to create a beautiful fashion product that is unbeatable.
  • Lillygol Sedaghat from National Geographic Explorers who led and changed the concept of community around the world to see plastic waste as a simple matter.
  • Khunying Thongthip Rattana Rat, the world leader in renewable economic principles From the Petroleum Institute of Thailand Owner of a sharp concept "RESOURCE REVOLUTION: THE BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY"
  • Jirayu Tangsrisuk, a representative of a new generation who thinks that living in Circular Living is real.
  • Relationship between the owner and the owner of the waste management business, "well-recycled" or "Saleng new concept" at the 24-hour waste management service in Chiang Mai
  • Prem Pruekthayanon, owner of recycling business And page owners "Uncle Saleng and the lost garbage" that provides knowledge about the separation of all types of waste in a simple way. That everyone can follow

Together with exchanging ideas and experiences with representatives from leading organizations from abroad and Thailand such as PTTOR, NatureWork, Mckinsey, BCG, PASAYA, Sansiri, Chulalongkorn University And many more that come to show the power of the new generation, the heart to save the world Open mind, learn innovation, Upcycling and Recycling, adding value to waste materials with creativity. With inspiration from the way of living in Circular Living, sparking you to change the world .. change your lifestyle

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