How to Create a Listing on The Givers Network

How to create a listing:
1- Log in or create an account on the Givers Network.
2.on GIVE page select “Create a listing”.
Complete the form by providing a full description of the Service/or In-kind item you are requesting or offering.

How to Make a Good Listing

1- Post a clear title and description. Think of a newspaper headline, they are clear and to the point. For Example:
“50kg of dog food needed a month”
100 Thai School Math Books needed for grade 5″
Doctor needed for health check ups in Chiang Rai area”
Home building materials needed in Mae sot area”

It is also important to add at least a few sentences to describe where and when the item is available, or needed. Include details such as if this is an ongoing need, or a one time need. This will give readers a clear idea what you need and will save both parties from wasting time communicating, only to find out they can’t help each other.

3 -Logistics and delivery: Is delivery provided?If not where and when can the items be picked up? How is it packaged? How heavy is it? Can a courier be sent? Who is the onsite contact person? Large items may require forklifts or larger trucks for delivery.

4 – Conditions: Is the item perishable? Is there certain handling or care instructions? Does it need to be refrigerated?

5 – If it is a volunteered services, what days are they available? 

The clearer the description, the better chance you have of finding the right match.